Best Cheese Slicer in 2021

Best Cheese Slicer – 10 picks for aesthetically accurate cheese slices!

Generally, anything can be done without proper tools as there lies an alternative to everything. Anyhow, the results appearing after getting the tasks done through the unconventional methods won’t be satisfying and accurate at all. The same goes for the Cheese slicers. One can cut the cheese using the traditional knives and even by the handlers of spoons, but it is all about the results, which won’t be as good as delivered by cutting the cheese using the best cheese slicer. Since you are here, you must be looking for the best cheese slicers. Well, you have come to the right place. 

Some people are perfectionists like me, and some go with the flow. The perfectionists ensure the availability of all the equipment required for the specific tasks. The cheese slicer is definitely for them. These units are known for their precision they deliver while cutting the cheese in perfectly sized slices and with extreme care. Uneven cut cheese slices fail to add beauty to the burgers, and to anything, they are added. Serving food with such cheese slices may lead to extreme embarrassment. However, you dont have to be afraid of such situations when you can have the best cheese slicer minimizing or almost finishing all the possible incidents that may lead to the aforementioned situations. 

This article carries the ten best cheese slicers ranging from varying price tags and features as well. As the saying goes, the more you add, the better the results. It sits perfectly with the cheese slicers. As you increase your budget, you will see the slicers you can’t help buying. Make sure to have the whole article read, as there are higher chances of you finding the cheese slicer you have been looking for, and that too, at an affordable and budget-friendly price tag. 

Top Cheese Slicer – Comparison Table

DesignBuying GuidesRetailer
Westmark Germany Multipurpose Stainless Steel Cheese SlicerWestmark Germany Multipurpose Stainless Steel Cheese SlicerCheck Price
OXO Cheese Slicer with Replaceable WiresOXO Cheese Slicer with Replaceable Wires Check Price
RSVP International Marble Cheese SlicerRSVP International Marble Cheese SlicerCheck Price
Prodyne Bamboo Cheese SlicerProdyne Bamboo Cheese Slicer Check Price
Norpro Heavy Duty Adjustable Cheese SlicerNorpro Heavy Duty Adjustable Cheese Slicer Check Price
Barmix Cheese Slicer, Heavy Duty, and Durable Stainless SteelBarmix Cheese Slicer, Heavy Duty, and Durable Stainless Steel Check Price
Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese SlicerBellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese SlicerCheck Price
Boska Holland 307063 Stainless Steel Cheese SlicerBoska Holland 307063 Stainless Steel Cheese SlicerCheck Price
Fox Run 3824 Marble Cheese SlicerFox Run 3824 Marble Cheese SlicerCheck Price
Osti Original Double Wire Cheese Cutter/SlicerOsti Original Double Wire Cheese Cutter/SlicerCheck Price

Westmark Germany Multipurpose Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer

Westmark is the brand, which clicks instantly when someone thinks about going for the equipment having familiarity with the cheese slicers. The same goes for the cheese slicers. People who have a bit of knowledge of the best brands and manufacturers would agree to the fact that Westmark manufacturers some of the best kitchen accessories out there. The accessories dont only last long but ensure accurate and precise results throughout their lifespans. This unit here is one of the best cheese slicers from the Westmark, whether it is in terms of quality or performance.


The cheese slicer from Westmark is known for its build quality, which broadens the chances of accurate performances while using the accessory roughly. Since the company is situated in Germany, you can guess which steel they would have used to shape this best cheese slicer. That’s right. The Westmark Germany multipurpose stainless steel cheese slicer features a stainless steel build. Collectively, the unit is constructed using three materials, including stainless steel, ABS polypropylene, and cast aluminum. Specifying the parts according to the materials, the overall build, and the cutting blade involves stainless steel, where the handle is made of cast aluminum, and the base of the unit is manufactured of ABS polypropylene.

Ease of Use

It isn’t only for the cheese slicers. Whether you are going for any product from any category, you need to make sure it carries easy to use functionality and is easily accessible to all the users. Whether the user is literate enough to operate the unit or not, the controls and operation should be so easy that he/she understands what is being told and instructed. Such functionality is hard to find these days, and fortunately, you are getting it with this cheese slicer. All it requires is the pressing of the handle, and you have the slice cut with extreme accuracy and precision. It doesn’t stop here. With its thickness dial, you can set the thickness you want of cheese slices, which makes it even better. Be it for the soft or hard cheeses, just put the cheese on board, start slicing with the given handle, and you are done. 


Using and operating the product is all easy and convenient until it comes to cleaning them. There are a lot of variants that prove themselves a lot difficult in cleaning, which must be avoided by the manufacturers. However, to clean this cheese slicer, you dont need to have a lot of equipment or need to put a lot of effort. Just use the soapy water, and it will be cleaned to a maximum extent. Backed by a5 year warranty, I dont think anything is stopping you from going for this product. Another mesmerizing feature of this beauty is that it doesn’t limit you to the slicing cheese but also lets you slice the vegetables, fruits, and a lot more.

OXO Cheese Slicer with Replaceable Wires

How about having a cheese slicer in the size of a razor? If yes, then the OXO cheese slicer is definitely for you. People running low on space for accommodating new kitchen accessories and equipment no longer to give up on their search for portable or compact cheese slicers. The main highlight of this cheese slicer is its size. It is so compact that it can be placed in a pocket and can be carried with extreme convenience. Being an affordable cheese slicer, the unit ensures excellent performance by allowing you to cut the cheese in thin or thick slices, which makes the cheese slicer one of its class to me.


As for the build, which is an extremely important factor while shopping, not only the cheese slicer but anything, this cheese slicer from OXO features a durable build involving the Zinc material die-casted for extreme performance and lifespan. The razor-shaped design of the cheese slicer lets one hold it with correct posture making the unit ergonomic and convenient as well. Wires play a vital role in cutting the cheese into slices in this cheese slicer. One needs to lose or tighten the wire using the tension wheel given in the handle for the thin or thick cheese slices, which is again an extremely innovative move. 

Easy of Use

The unit comes equipped with the extra wires made especially for the cheese slicer from OXO. Just replace the wire if you find yourself in need to do that, and you are good to slice the cheese in thin or thick qualities. However, the lifespan of the wire is a decent one. It doesn’t get defective frequently unless used without care and with extreme pressure. 

The handle of the unit is quite soft and comfortable, leading to the elimination of fatigue that could have been caused by holding the cheese slicer for too long. It can also be used to cut materials other than cheese, including vegetables and fruits, and for the peeling of multiple items.


As far as the cleaning of the unit is concerned, this cheese slicer slices the cheese using the wires and the bar placed below the wire. You wouldn’t find much of the difficulties in cleaning as all you have to do to take out the wire from the unit and start cleaning it. It couldn’t get any simpler than that. 

RSVP International Marble Cheese Slicer

Whenever someone thinks of cheese slicers, he/she thinks of something having a blade and basement used for the cutting and placement. But, this cheese slicer from RSVP revolutionizes the tradition with its design and looks. Carrying the mesmerizing marble build and a touch of elegance, the cheese slicer takes the aesthetics of the kitchen to the next level. The design is very innovative and lets one fulfill the purpose it was bought for, which makes the cheese slicer the right choice for the people looking for something classy and beautiful in their houses. 


The build quality is quite durable and carries remarkable looks. However, there are two different materials used to manufacture the cheese slicer. The cutting board of the unit is made of marble, while the lever used for cutting is made of stainless steel. You wouldn’t see any sort of blade as the cheese slicer slices the cheese using the wires that are attached to the lever and ultimately to the internal end bottom of the cutting board. OF course, the company hasn’t made a single piece, they have launched this masterpiece in multiple variants and colors, and surprisingly, all of them carry their own functionalities and uniqueness.

Ease of Use

Followed by the design of the Westmark cheese slicer, this cheese slicer features more or less the same design. In the Westmark cheese slicer, you could find the cutting board made of ABS polypropylene, and in this unit, the cutting board is manufactured using stoneware, which is a marble. The marble cutting board might confuse you for its functionality, like how is one going to cut the cheese since the wire would be stuck on marble? Well, the marble board has some space dedicated for the wire to completely pass through the cheese and come stainless. All one has to do is place the cheese bar at the required thickness in the proper alignment to wire pass-through and start cutting the cheese into slices.


As instructed by the manufacturer, the cheese slicer would be washed best by hands. As it is made of marble, one might face a lot of difficulties in cleaning it with a dishwasher or anything else.

Prodyne Bamboo Cheese Slicer

The market comprises a lot of similar yet different units and variants of multiple accessories and equipment. The same goes with the Cheese slicer from Prodyne. This unit features a design having a lot of resemblance to the RSVP cheese slicer. The overall design of the accessory is quite the same. However, there are some things that are changed, making the Prodyne cheese slicer different from other units available in the market. The build quality, warranty of the manufacturer, and functionality are the elements that you will find making a difference in this cheese slicer.


The reason for picking and listing this cheese slicer in this list is the build quality actually which makes it extremely aesthetic and attractive. Coming with the bamboo cutting board, and that too in two different tones definitely can steal anyone’s heart. The bamboo plays a vital role in making the slicer durable and a piece of excellent craftsmanship. The lever is attached to the cutting board, having a light tone of bamboo, while the right side, which is wide enough to accommodate a huge bar of cheese, carries a dark tone bamboo. This blend of multiple tones makes the unit quite unique and durable as well. 

Meanwhile, the lever is totally made using stainless steel, ensuring higher performance and extreme sturdiness right away.

Ease of Use

The cheese slicer lets one slice the cheese in the most comfortable way possible. Just adjust the thickness to your preference and start pressing the lever downward for the precise and accurate cheese slices. It has rubber feet allowing for the movement-less functionality of the cheese slicer.


I dont think cleaning is going to take a lot of your time as the unit is made of wood, you can wash it with your hands. Just take the wire out and start cleaning the unit, which isn’t surely a tough nut to crack. 

Norpro Heavy Duty Adjustable Cheese Slicer

The Norpro heavy-duty adjustable cheese slicer is a thing of pure class and is all about performance and durability. The unit is small and extremely portable, as well. One can keep it in the bag, in the pocket, and elsewhere. It is known for its size and the features it offers. Usually, when one points out any equipment or accessory having a compact size, he/she instantly comes to a conclusion declaring the unit defective or not-worthy of money. But, if it were like that, why would we have picked the cheese slicer in this list? It is because this cheese slicer isn’t only worth the money but delivers better performance than some of the units available in the market.


The build quality is the highlight of this product as it features the construction of zinc alloy. Such construction of the cheese slicer doesn’t only give it durability and strength to cut through some of the hardest cheeses but also enhances its beauty to the next level. It delivers a shiny and clean look, and at first glance, when might get deceived into thinking the build is of stainless steel, meanwhile it isn’t. However, the unit slices the cheese using the wire, which is itself a sturdy piece of material. The wire doesn’t break too quickly until used with a lot of pressure and highly roughly. 

It has a dial allowing the users to tighten or loosen the wire depending upon their preferences regarding the size and thickness of cheese slices they want or would like to have.

Ease of Use

Since the unit carries razor-identical functionality, you will have to hold it like a razor and start slicing the cheese in the most comfortable way possible. The zinc alloy might get slippery in your hand, so make sure to have your hands covered with gloves or something and then get to work as it would decrease the chances of ending up having fatigue in your hands. You would find the unit shipping with an extra wire for the convenience of users.


The cleaning of this cheese slicer, as recommended by the manufacturers, is by hands. As cleaning it with anything rather than hands might lead to the shorter lifespan and defective functionality of the cheese slicer. 

Barmix Cheese Slicer, Heavy Duty, and Durable Stainless Steel

Who thought the cheese slicers would be available in the size of bottle openers as well? Well, it is real. This Barmix heavy-duty cheese slicer features the same design as of bottle opener. The differences? Of course, there are major differences that make the unit worthy of being listed in the list of the best cheese slicer units available in the market. From the build to the cleaning, the cheese slicer definitely proves itself as an easy and convenient option to slice cheese, and that too in the minimum time period and comfortable way you could think. 


The entire build of the cheese slicer consists of stainless steel. Being made with stainless steel, the cheese slicer ensures the high-quality slicing of cheese and maximum performance along with next-level durability and precision. The handle, however, is made of stainless steel, but the build is covered with rubber that eases the handling and doesn’t cause any fatigue in hand. Carrying a suitable angle for cheese slicing, the unit cuts through the cheese to your desired thickness. 

Ease of Use

The accessibility and functionality of this cheese slicer are the same as the bottle opener. All you have to do is drag the slicer over the cheese bar, the pressure would decide the thickness of the cheese slices, and you will have what you are looking for!


Just wash the accessory with soapy water and with bare hands, and you will have the unit more than clean and shiny. The company also offers a money-back guarantee. If you dont love the cheese slicer, you can have your money returned to you, and you will be good.

Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer

The Bellemain Adjustable thickness cheese slicer is one of those units that one definitely would want to try. The design of this unit carries much resemblance with the Norpro cheese slicer, and not just the design, but also the build quality. You might find both the slicers the same at first glance, but when you analyze both the units from a close angle, that’s when you will start pointing the differences one by one. Let’s have an intensive review of what the cheese slicer is all about.


Made from a single piece of zinc alloy, the cheese slicer list its name in the list of some of the most durable cheese slicers in the market. Meanwhile, the slicer works using the wires that are constructed using stainless steel, giving the wires a longer lifespan and high strength to cut through the hard and tough pieces of cheeses. With the thickness dial, one can easily tighten or loosen the wire for the required level of thickness and can easily serve the sandwiches, platters, and whatnot in the most comfortable and beautiful way possible.

Ease of Use

Since the build of the cheese slicer involves zinc alloy, it might feel slippery in your hands, which is why I recommend you to wear the gloves for ultimate comfort and longtime operations. Just peel off the cheese in your preferred thickness using this masterpiece.


Washing with hands is strongly recommended, as washing it in a dishwasher might result in a short lifespan and corrupt functionality of the unit.

Boska Holland 307063 Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer

The Boska Holland stainless steel cheese slicer very much similar to the Barmix Cheese slicer. The design and the functionality of the units are identical, which makes the unit more competitive. Since both of them come in more or less the same design, the Boska have put their efforts into making their cheese slicer different from the Barmix. 


The build quality of the cheese slicer can be predicted by knowing the fact that it is manufactured using stainless steel, which makes the unit durable and even reliable. The blade, however, carries some uniqueness, as the blade swings to an extremely small extent, which enables the smooth peeling of the cheese bar. It can also be considered a con for the hard cheeses, as the har cheeses require the intact placement of blade, which can peel them off easily. So, considering this build, this unit is the best cheese slicer for soft cheeses. 

Ease of Use

The handle of the cheese slicer isn’t covered in the rubber, which makes the unit cause fatigue in hand. So it would be best to wear some gloves on your hand as it will make things easier and a lot more comfortable for you. As for the slicing, it is best for soft cheeses, as you wouldn’t have to struggle with the slicing. The blade would do everything on its own. The bending blade also decreases the chances of the blade getting broken.


Cleaning the cheese slicer with hands will be a great choice as it would extend its lifespan and would let you have the cheese sliced evenly.

Fox Run 3824 Marble Cheese Slicer

The Fox Run cheese slicer is another unit coming with the marble build and fine functionality. It comes in a rectangular shape allowing for a larger space to place the cheese bars and cheese in bulk. The marble is separated partially by a vacant space left for the passing of wire used to slice the cheese efficiently and effectively. 


The marble cutting board of the cheese slicer is definitely a plus point as not only is it durable but also ensures the sharpening of wire when it passes through the same space touching the marble. So, it can be considered as a versatile piece of unit. The lever, however, is constructed using stainless steel, which further enhances the lifespan. Not only the cheese but the fruits, vegetables, and other items can also be sliced or pierced using this cheese slicer in the easiest way possible. 

Ease of Use

With the rubber feet allowing for the immovable slicing and cutting of cheese, one can easily use the unit without placing it on the same spot again and again. The cutting wire is made of stainless steel, so the cutting or slicing of cheese wouldn’t be too long and frustrating. 


The unit must be washed with the hands and soapy water as well. 

Osti Original Double Wire Cheese Cutter/Slicer

Well, we have been reviewing the flat, wide, and horizontal cheese slicers till yet, but this, Osti original cheese slicer changes the theme. Coming with a sleek, vertical, and elongated design, the cheese slicer is worth the shot. It is quite versatile as it allows the users to cut the cheese in more than one slice. The unit works through the attachment of wires. Two wires at a time are attached to the dial situated at the top, which allows for the easy loosening and tightening of the wires. The loosening and tightening ensure you get the same thickness you imagined while purchasing the cheese cutter or slicer.


The build of the cheese slicer comprises two different materials including, stainless steel and ABS. The wires of the slicer are made of stainless steel, while the handle is constructed using the ABS material. Overall, the unit is quite sturdy and delivers optimal performance in one of the most affordable price tags. 

Ease of Use

The ease of use plays an important role in deciding if the unit is best or not. So, in the case of this cheese slicer, I would say the unit is best as it lets the user cut the cheese in two slices at the same time. All one has to do is apply the pressure on the handle and cut through the cheese. Meanwhile, the handle is made of ABS. It won’t let your hand face fatigue and pain, so slice the cheese in a comfortable way.


Surprisingly, the unit can be washed in the dishwasher, which is a plus point for the users. Just toss it in the dishwasher, and start using the accessory again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits of Cheese Slicers?

There are multiple benefits of cheese slicers, including the precise cutting of cheese into even and accurate slices. Not just that, one can cut the fruits and vegetables as well, if being cut by using the durable and pressure bearing cheese slicers. 

Does Pampered Chef have a cheese slicer?

Yes! the pampered chef does carry a cheese slicer. You can have your cheese sliced and cut using its accurate and durable slicer. 

Why is a cheese knife curved?

The cheese can sometimes be soft and hard. The manufacturer doesn’t know which type of cheese you eat and love. Meanwhile, the hard cheese blocks and bars require a little bit of curvature on the knife, which makes it easy to cut and slice the cheese. While the soft cheese is cut more precisely using the curved knife.